Business Incubator Program


The Incubator Program's purpose is to develop and support Florida State students interested in starting or growing a business. Services are provided at no charge to students, and they include assisting new student business owners in developing a working business model, establishing their companies and progressing to the point of independent operations. The goal is to create a comfortable learning environment where the classroom education of Florida State’s student entrepreneurs translates into real-life experiences. This experiential component is crucial to making entrepreneurship a more integral part of Florida State’s student experience.

We have four different tracks: Discovery, Create, Innovate, and Ignite. 

Discovery Track

  • For students who are interested in entrepreneurship and starting a business, but don’t know where to start and want to learn more
  • Offerings: workshops and one-on-one meetings

Create Track

  • For students who have a business idea and may have started working on it, but need a better understanding of the ins and outs of creating a business
  • This track will have a limited capacity and meet monthly, as a cohort, during the Fall and Spring semester with set meeting topics and group activities
  • Students will graduate from this track to the Innovate Track

Innovate Track

  • For students who have completed the business model canvas and need assistance on topics more specific to their business
  • Individual participants will meet monthly with Student Engagement staff to go over goals and milestones
  • Students will graduate from this track to the Ignite Track

Ignite Track

  • For students who have an established business and need co-working space
  • Students will need to submit a monthly report to continue their participation in this track
  • Students can stay in this track until they graduate from FSU

With a focus on creating a cohesive group of entrepreneurs with a desire for shared success, Incubator participants are expected to work together to promote the success of each other’s ventures and to demonstrate leadership by actively engaging and supporting entrepreneurial activities across campus.


There is one application for the Incubator Program.

The InNOLEvation® Center for Student Engagement staff will review applications and decide what track works best for your needs. All tracks are rolling admissions except for the Create Track, which will have it's own deadline each Fall semester. 

Create Track Deadline: Thursday, September 14, 2023


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