Judging Criteria

InNOLEvation® Challenge 2019

Each round of the InNOLEvation® Challenge Business Model Competition is judged using the following questions:

  • Did the team identify a significant problem or unmet need and create a venture to solve this problem?
  • What is the size of the market and what percentage do you expect to capture?
  • Has the team developed a prototype or minimum viable product? How far along are you on the product cycle?
  • Does the team have significant evidence that the solution is validated (includes letters of intent, purchase contracts, sales, and partners)?
  • How will the prize money help your venture?
  • If your venture does not address a social/environmental problem as its primary purpose, does it positively impact society in some other manner? If so, how?

For Social Ventures:

  • Is addressing the social/environmental problem the primary purpose for the creation of the enterprise? If so, why?
  • Does it have an innovative, systemic approach to addressing the social/environmental problem? If so, how?
  • Does the organization have a sustainable approach to achieving its mission and implementing/scaling its innovative approach to addressing the social/environment problem? If so, explain.

Most innovative Award $4,000



Ability to solve a problem in new ways

Prototype or MVP developed

Demonstrated differentiation from competitors

Strongest social/environmental impact (Jim Moran Challenge Social Venture Award) $4,000

Primary purpose is addressing social/environmental problem

Systemic approach to addressing social/environmental problem

Sustainable approach to achieving its mission

Positively impacts society

Triple Bottom Line

Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award $4,000





DivvyUp Most Viable Award $4,000

Strong first year sales

Proven validation of market

Demonstrated execution ability

Validated and realistic financial model

Demonstrated differentiation from competitors

Growler Country Most Scalable Award $4,000

Strong five year sales

Actionable plan for growth

Potential for new markets

Potential for outside investment

Probability for greater global expansion

Best Overall Award $10,000

Highest points overall of all criteria added together