InNOLEvation® Challenge 2020


This year we’ll be hosting all of our InNOLEvation® Challenge workshops in-person. For the past few years we've held the workshops in a hybrid format. We will be recording these workshops and listing them on our website after they've been completed. You'll be able to view this year's workshops and previous workshops at this link.

PLEASE NOTE: All 2023 - 2024 Workshops will be held at 5:00PM in the INNOVATION HUB PITCH ROOM

2023-2024 Timeline

Sep 20 & 21 Workshop 1: Introduction to the Competition (Choose one session)  Presenter: TBD 
Sep 26 Workshop 2: The Business Model Canvas Presenter: Wendy Plant
Oct 2 Workshop 3: Design Thinking Presenter: Dave Montez
Oct 11  Workshop 4: Customer Discovery Presenter: Shelly Griffin
Oct 16  Workshop 5: The Triple Bottom Line Presenter: Mark McNees 
Oct 25   Workshop 6: Emerging Technologies, Web Development, & AI Presenter: Ron Frazier 
Nov 1  Workshop 7: Prototyping & Visualizing Your Product or Service Presenter: Ken Baldauf 
Nov 8  Workshop 8: Building & Marketing Your Brand Presenter: Lanny Lewis 
Nov 28 Workshop 9: Business Finance – Determining Costs & Revenue Presenter: David White 
Jan 26  First Cut – 15 Semi-Finalists Announced
Jan 29 or 30 (TBD) Workshop 10: Effective Pitches & Presentations Presenter: John Breed
Feb 7 **SEMI-FINALS APPLICATION DEADLINE: ROUND 2** For selected applicants only
Feb 9  Semi-Finals: Presentations & Judging 
Feb 12 Second Cut – Finalists Announced
Feb 23 **FINALS APPLICATION DEADLINE: ROUND 3** For selected applicants only
Mar 1 Finals: Presentations, Judging, & Awards Ceremony